What is Global Privacy Control? Frequently Asked Questions

Date posted – 15/07/2021

Global Privacy Control (GPC) wants to make it easier for people to exercise their privacy rights. Much like the Do Not Track plug-ins of the past, GPC helps users communicate a desire to not be tracked online. More specifically,…

A little privacy: week of July 2

Date posted – 06/07/2021

FTC settles over COPPA violations. CNIL confirms compliance of orgs put on notice. Adequacy decision for UK under GDPR adopted. Read “A Little Privacy.”

For publishers: 5 tips for optimizing your vendor assessment process

Date posted – 30/06/2021

The shift to more transparent data practices continues to evolve. Users are taking more control over whether or not they want to allow third-party cookies, trackers, and tags access to their personal data when they visit their favorite publications….

A little privacy: week of June 28

Date posted – 28/06/2021

USA FTC cracks down on the sharing of sensitive HeALTH data without consent Last week, the FTC entered into a settlement with Flo Health, makers of the Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker app. The FTC had alleged that the…

Employee Spotlight: Veronica Sirotic

Date posted –

Veronica Sirotic joined us as a Recruiting Intern before moving into her current role as Operations Coordinator. Veronica coordinates our recruiting efforts while implementing the company’s DEI initiatives, including leading our DEI council and organizing diversity training. In her…

A little privacy: week of June 18

Date posted – 18/06/2021

USA Federal legislation reintroduced Senator Gillibrand re-introduced federal legislation that would establish a new U.S. Data Protection Agency to create and enforce data protection rules at the federal level. The revised version of the legislation now includes authority to review Big Tech mergers…

The noyb Cookie Banner GDPR Complaints: What You Need to Know

Date posted – 04/06/2021

On May 31, 2021 privacy advocacy group, noyb, launched a new initiative to identify companies whose cookie banners they believe are not complying with the GDPR. Led by Austrian privacy campaigner Max Schrems, Noyb’s role in our ecosystem is…

Advertiser sollten die schwarzen Schafe beim Consent Management aussortieren

Date posted – 01/06/2021

Consent Management ist im Zuge der DSGVO zu einem der Top-Themen in der Digitalwerbung geworden. Für die Datenverarbeitung, die im Rahmen der Personalisierung von Werbeanzeigen anfällt, muss nahezu immer eine Zustimmung des Nutzers vorliegen – es sei denn, die…

Employee Spotlight: Aroan Kebede

Date posted – 28/05/2021

Aroan joined our Sourcepoint family as a Data Analyst after we acquired Redbud in October 2020. He joined Redbud in March 2020 as a recent graduate of University of Nottingham with a Bachelor of Engineering. Aroan has been an…

Employee Spotlight: André Herculano

Date posted – 29/04/2021

What is your role at Sourcepoint? I am the Mobile Engineering Manager. I started out as a contractor with Sourcepoint and I actually had fairly little mobile experience prior to joining the team. To see how my experience with…

Apple’s IDFA privacy update: How to optimize user opt-in on iOS 14.5 and beyond

Date posted – 16/04/2021

Apple first announced in September 2020 that as part of the new AppTrackingTransparency (ATT) Framework, app developers will be required to ask users for consent before accessing their IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers) for tracking and personalization. As of December…

Employee Spotlight: Melanie Deneau

Date posted – 15/04/2021

Melanie Deneau is our Director of Client Services in the EU (non-DACH). She first joined Sourcepoint as an account manager in 2018. She also previously worked as an account manager for ResearchGate and a Team Lead for Medigo.  How…

Virginia’s Consumer Data Protection Act (CDPA): What you need to know

Date posted – 13/04/2021

In March 2021, Virginia became the latest US state to sign a data privacy law. Governor Ralph Northam signed the Consumer Data Protection Act, otherwise known as the CDPA, into law, with plans for it to go into effect…

Employee Spotlight: Yuliya Yasenetska

Date posted – 23/03/2021

Yuliya Yasenetska recently joined our team as a Software Engineer. Prior to joining our team, she worked as a software engineer at Hana and an adtech engineer at Billboard. She is also an artist and works primarily in acrylic…

Employee Spotlight Series: Maria Fernanda Abella Avila

Date posted – 16/03/2021

Maria recently joined Sourcepoint as a Technical Account Manager based out of our Berlin offices. Previously, she worked as a Partner and Customer Success Manager with Nosto and as a Publishers Business Development and Account Manager at BidderPlace.  What…

Wondering how to improve Core Web Vitals? Don’t overlook your adtech stack

Date posted – 11/03/2021

In May 2021, Google will add Core Web Vital measurements to its SEO ranking factors. It is also experimenting with a badging system that will display a poor quality indicator on pages that take too long to load or…

Employee Spotlight Series: Chloe Grutchfield

Date posted – 08/03/2021

Chloe Grutchfield joined us as SVP of Product when Sourcepoint acquired the software company she co-founded in April 2018, Redbud.  Chloe brings over 10 years of adtech product expertise, maintaining leading roles at agencies, large data platforms and mobile…

Three dimensions of privacy UX all brands need to understand

Date posted – 01/03/2021

In the past few years, numerous privacy regulations have come into force to provide consumers greater control over their data. But the patchwork of regulations and varying approaches means compliance remains complex.  The regulatory landscape is tightening; GDPR fines…

Planet49 and TCF v2.1 changed cookie notices: How to update your CMP

Date posted – 02/02/2021

What is TCF v2.1? What is the Planet49 ruling? How did the Planet49 ruling inform TCF v2.1? How does TCF v2.1 affect my CMP implementation? Do I need to collect re-consent for vendors? Should I be concerned about long…

[Webinar recording] Vendor assessments: Looking at cookies and beyond

Date posted – 04/11/2020

Sourcepoint acquired RedBud to provide deeper privacy compliance insights for our customers. With the integration of RedBud’s DIAGNOSE technology, you can get a comprehensive view of what’s happening on your properties, understand specific areas of exposure, and optimize your…

How the Sourcepoint CMP helps you comply with IAB TCF v2.0

Date posted – 03/11/2020

We’ve seen many successful transitions to TCF v2 with our CMP in the past few weeks. Our client services team has worked closely with some of the world’s largest media companies to ensure compliance while maximizing monetization.  Existing TCF…

What does the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) mean for the future of your privacy program?

Date posted – 26/10/2020

This past Election Day, Californian’s voted in favor of Proposition 24, or California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), a ballot initiative put forward by the same group behind CCPA: California for Consumer Privacy. What does the passage of Prop 24…

Why we acquired RedBud: enabling a truly compliant and ethical media ecosystem

Date posted – 08/10/2020

Today we announced the acquisition of RedBud Media. I want to explain a bit more about the reasons for this acquisition and what this is going to mean for you as a customer.

Oracle: The Challenges and Opportunities New Data Privacy Laws Present to Digital Marketers

Date posted – 24/09/2020

Oracle’s Dan Feuer recently spoke with Sourcepoint CEO, Ben Barokas, about the challenges marketers face as privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA have evolved. Marketers must provide consumers with transparency and control over their data while minimizing friction as…

What publishers need to know about managing consent on AMP

Date posted – 21/09/2020

As publishers move to complete their TCF v2 migrations, AMP pages (Accelerated Mobile Pages) are one piece of the puzzle that can’t be left unaddressed. Given the high volume of traffic driven by mobile and AMP views, foregoing something…

Your TCF v2.0 transition: a practical checklist for publishers

Date posted – 15/07/2020

The August 15 deadline to switch over is rapidly approaching. The Transparency & Consent Framework v2.0 is complex, but with the proper preparation and the right partner, you can ensure no impact on your revenue. For a good overview…

What’s new in TCF v2.0: Everything you need to know

Date posted – 16/05/2020

The TCF was launched by the IAB Europe to help digital advertising comply with GDPR. Since its launch way back in April 2018, however, interpretations of the regulations have evolved. For v2.0, additional guidance from regional Data Protection Authorities…

Deadline to switch over to TCF v2.0 extended to August 15

Date posted – 14/05/2020

We understand that many publishers’ operations have been impacted by the unprecedented upheaval and disruption caused by the COVID-19 crisis. That’s why the  IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF) Steering Group has voted to extend the deadline to…

[Webinar] Switching to TCF v2.0: What publishers need to know

Date posted – 28/04/2020

Join Sourcepoint experts Michael Krauss, VP of Product, and Melanie Deneau, Client Services Director for the EU, on May 11 @ 11:00 ET for a live presentation of what’s new in version 2.0 of the Transparency and Consent Framework,…

Reaching global equilibrium: the value of consent and user preference

Date posted – 23/09/2019

This article originally appeared in Marketing Land. The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) this year started a ripple of privacy legislation across the globe, with governments evaluating whether current laws are enough to protect the personal…

When do consumers find digital ads engaging?

Date posted – 29/08/2019

Research compiled by eMarketer suggests that digital buyers are more likely to have positive feelings towards ads when they’re receiving free content in exchange – or when the ads are relevant.

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