DIAGNOSE Insights Platform

Accelerate your vendor assessments

Creating best-in-class digital experiences for consumers requires a robust stack of third-party partners. Yet, in today’s complex privacy compliance landscape, third parties pose the biggest risks to companies. DIAGNOSE flags privacy vulnerabilities that can lead to data leakage, non-compliance, and reputational risk—and provides actionable insights to ensure compliance and optimize revenue.



  • Become an expert in compliance risks and performance issues on your digital properties
    • Surface a detailed view of all triggered cookies, trackers, and technologies
  • Stay on top of changing regulatory requirements
    • Gain a competitive edge by understanding your privacy health against configurable industry benchmarks
  • Optimize your CMP
    • Close compliance gaps and drive revenue by ensuring your CMP implementation is functioning to maximum effect
  • Easy implementation
    • No on-page script required


Granular scanning results

Capture all content executed via pixels, cookies, JavaScript, API calls and more, and utilize scenario emulation that mirrors user interaction (privacy preferences, login).

Data leakage detection

Gain a comprehensive view of unauthorized vendors processing personal data – not just via cookies, but also local storage and fingerprinting.

Global testing capabilities

Leverage proxy tools for testing across geographies to understand regional compliance (EEA, California, Brazil, Japan, etc.)

Custom benchmarks and auditing

Measure your compliance against similar or aspirational companies, with regular audits and bespoke recommendations from your account team.

Consent fraud prevention

Detect vendors who are creating fraudulent consent strings and sharing them with the ecosystem.

Privacy policy compliance

Perform deep verification of  the privacy policies of triggered third parties.

Automated purpose selection for IAB and non-IAB vendors

Remove friction in your CMP implementation and maintenance process with the automatic assignment of TCF v2 purposes for IAB vendors and International Chamber of Commerce classification for non-IAB vendors.


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