Sourcepoint for GDPR

We believe that good privacy experiences drive user experience and trust.

That’s why our Dialogue CMP is built to deliver highly customized messages to meet your organization’s unique compliance and monetization needs, all while acting as a natural extension of your brand—not just a box to check off.


GDPR requires that companies obtain freely given consent in order to collect or use consumer data.

To comply with the GDPR, companies need a reliable consent management platform to collect and manage consumer consent preferences.


Sourcepoint’s Dialogue CMP helps you serve geotargeted privacy notices that seamlessly integrate into your digital experiences, and authenticate consent preferences across properties and devices.


All the tools you need to meet TCF v2 requirements

Sourcepoint is one of the first platforms registered with the IAB for GDPR compliance

Learn why Sourcepoint’s Dialogue platform is the CMP of choice for all TCF v2.0 Steering Committee members.

Featuring, a TCF Privacy Checklist built right into the message builder, Sourcepoint’s Dialogue CMP offers all the tools you need to meet IAB TCF standards as they evolve.


Robust reporting

Filter consent metrics by message design, property, geography, device and more to optimize consent rates.

Support for different compliance strategies

Activate multiple targeting dimensions, including geography, platform, key value pair data (DMP, site analytics, etc.), search and social referrers

User journey optimization

A/B test messaging scenarios to discover the optimal combination of text, UI, delivery method and call to action

Consumer consent history

Maintain an improved audit trail for compliance

Verification services

Verify consumer identity for DSARs with a leading global identity verification service

Cross-device compatibility

Sourcepoint’s platform supports desktop, mobile, in-app and OTT environments

Automated vendor compliance

Our page scanning feature monitors pages to add vendors to your list automatically

Campaign management at scale

Group properties and clone messaging scenarios to easily implement campaigns at different levels of consent

Access control

Proactively manage access rights across multiple properties and teams and view a detailed log for each user

Creative control

Our message builder allows you to customize styling, UI components and text with CSS and HTML

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